Revere Capital Group was founded by twin brothers, Danny and Michael White. Growing up as serial entrepreneurs, the brothers had the dream of one day owning and growing a business together.

In 2016, after years of schooling and operational experience, they decided it was time to make their dream a reality. 

Backed by a group of leading business minds and proven entrepreneurs, Danny and Michael founded Revere Capital for the purpose of identifying and acquiring a single company they can grow for the next 15+ years. 

Danny White


Danny served as an Executive Director for two leading health care companies in Wisconsin and Utah, where he oversaw hundreds of employees and successfully led multiple turn-around situations. Danny holds a B.S. in Business Finance from BYU. 

Michael White

Michael holds a B.A. in Philosophy from BYU and a J.D. with an emphasis in Business and Finance from The University of Utah. After graduating from law school, Michael worked as an Investment Associate with an investment and development firm.